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Artic Lessons

Artic Lessons

For Artic Truck Lessons book a lesson with Sligo HGV Training today

Artic Lessons

Sligo HGV Training is one of Sligo's leading commercial driving school, offering professional Artic truck driving lessons with a trained, qualified, and highly-experienced instructor.


During your artic lessons you will learn how to safely and confidently drive an artic truck, with safe driving skills taught to cover you for life.


These lessons include everything you need to become a safe and competent driver, with a teaching style tailored to match your individual learning requirements.

What is covered?

Your artic truck driving lessons will be tailored to you and your current level of driving.
During these lessons we will cover everything from the very basics of artic truck driving to advanced defensive driving techniques.
General vehicle maintenance and daily checks will also be covered.

How many lessons will I need?

The average driver (coming from cat B) takes approximately 8 hrs of lessons to bring them to test standard. Our lesson packages (please hyperlink “lesson packages” to this section of the page) are tailored to this average. We also offer flexible packages and payment plans.

How long is a lesson?

Lessons are generally held in 2 hour* slots to allow for travel time into town and for the time it takes to navigate around town. Mock tests will last approx. 1 hour to simulate the actual test environment.

*Lessons can also be booked in 1 hour slots if required.

Sligo HGV

Artic Lessons FAQ

Where can I find artic driving lessons near me?

Sligo HGV Training provides artic driving lesson to customers in County Sligo.

How long is an artic truck driving lesson?

Our lessons typically take at least 2 hours.

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