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Car Lessons

Car Driving Lessons

For EDT driving lessons, pre-test or mock driving tests, book an appointment with Sligo HGV Training below

Car Driving Lessons

Sligo HGV Training provides a versatile range of car lessons to customers in Sligo and surrounding areas. We offer car lessons for drivers of all skill levels – both beginners and experienced drivers.

All of our car lessons are tailored to your skill level. We provide reasonable and affordable rates for all our lessons, and our professional instructors are able to answer any questions you might have about any of our services.

To book a car lesson today, book online or contact us at

Essential Driver Training

At Sligo HGV Training, we cover all aspects of essential driver training as part of our car lesson services. This includes lessons on positioning, car controls and safety checks, speed management, night driving and more.

If you prepay 12 EDT lessons in bulk, you can save up to €50.

Visit our booking page to arrange your essential driver training lessons


We provide pretest lessons for learners to prepare for their driving test and ensure that all skills are finely honed in advance of your test.

Visit our booking page to arrange your pretest lessons

Mock Driving Test

We provide mock driving tests for learners preparing for their driving tests.

Our mock driving tests take you through all aspects of the tests and help you feel more comfortable when you take your official test.

Visit our booking page to book a mock driving test

Sligo HGV

Sligo HGV Training FAQ

Where can I find car lessons near me?

Sligo HGV  Training provides car lessons to customers throughout Sligo.

Are there any discounts on essential driver training?

You can save up to €35 if you purchase your EDT lessons in bulk.

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