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Rigid Truck Lessons

Rigid Truck Lessons

For Rigid Truck Lessons book a lesson with Sligo HGV Training today

Rigid Truck Lessons

Our MAN TGM 18.250 rigid truck is fitted with an automatic 12 speed gearbox. Since November 1st, 2020, drivers can now pass their driving tests in an automatic vehicle and, as long as they hold a manual licence in another vehicle category (except motorbikes, cat A), they will be granted a manual licence on passing their test.

What is covered?

Your rigid truck driving lessons will be tailored to you and your current level of driving. You will learn everything from the very basics of HGV driving to advanced defensive driving techniques. General vehicle maintenance and daily checks (walk around) will also be covered.

How many lessons will I need?

The average driver (coming from cat B) takes an average of 8 hrs of lessons to bring them to test standard. Our lesson packages are tailored to this average. If you have paid for a package and do not require the full 8 hrs, any remaining credit can be put towards vehicle hire for test, future artic lessons or can be refunded.

How long is a lesson?

Lessons are generally held in 2 hour* slots. This is to allow for travel time into town and for the time it takes to navigate around town. Mock tests will last approx. 1 hour to simulate the test environment.

*Lessons can also be booked in 1 hour slots if required.

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Rigid Truck Lessons FAQ

Where can I find rigid truck lessons near me?

Sligo HGV Training provides rigid truck lessons to customers in Sligo.

How many rigid truck lessons do I need?

It is recommended to take 8 lessons.

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