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Sligo HGV

Sligo HGV Training

  • I want to learn to drive a truck. Where do I start?
    Assuming that you already hold a full licence for a car (Cat B) and are over 18 years of age, your first step will be to buy the latest edition of "Theory Test, Trucks and Buses" available from most book stores. This book also includes CPC case studies which you will require if you are planning to drive for reward (i.e., paid work). Once you are comfortable with the material in the book, you can then book your theory test at Please note that you should also book your CPC case studies test for the same time if you are planning on obtaining your CPC. You will be required to pass a medical and have your GP fill out and sign your driving licence medical report form (available here or at your local NDLS centre). This medical is valid for 1 month. Once you have your theory test and medical passed, you can then go to your local NDLS centre and apply for your learners permit. Your permit usually takes up to 10 working days to arrive in the post. You are then permitted to take lessons and sit your driving test.
  • What is covered in the lessons?
    Your truck driving lessons will be tailored to you and your current level of driving. You will learn everything from the very basics of HGV driving to advanced defensive driving techniques. General vehicle maintenance and daily checks (walk around) will also be covered.
  • How many lessons will I need?
    The average driver (coming from Cat B) takes approximately 8 hrs of lessons to bring them to test standard. Our lesson packages are tailored to this average. If you have paid for a package and do not require the full 8 hrs, any remaining credit can be put towards vehicle hire for test, future artic lessons or can be refunded if not being used.
  • How long is a lesson?
    Lessons are generally held in 2 hour* slots. This is to allow for travel time into town and for the time it takes to navigate around town. Mock tests will last approx. 1 hour to simulate the test environment. *Lessons can also be booked in 1 hour slots if required.
  • Do you offer lessons on Saturday and Sundays?
    Yes. We are open on Saturdays and we do offer lessons on Sundays by phone appointments only. Contact Mike on 085 184 2675 to arrange Sunday lessons.
  • How long is the test?
    If you are doing your CPC part 3 walk around practical test with your driving test, then it will take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. This is broken down to 30 minutes for your CPC practical and 1 hour for the driving portion. If you are not doing CPCs, then the driving test is 1 hour.
  • Will I be brought into town during the test?
    Yes. The test will comprise of driving on varying types of road and in various conditions and levels of traffic. This is to assess your ability to cope with any situation you may face in your future driving career.
  • Will I know who my examiner is going to be before my test?
    No. You will not know who will be conducting your test until your name is called.
  • Do you offer mock tests?
    Yes. You can book your mock test here.
  • Can I drive a manual rigid or artic truck after passing in an automatic?
    Yes, you can. Since 1st November 2020, a driver who already holds a manual licence in categories B, C, CE, D, or DE will be granted a manual licence on successfully passing their driving test in an automatic vehicle.
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